Takasumi Abe "Circulate"



The flickering vague lights attached to hangers are scattered in space. These lights don't insist upon notions of existence ; rather they represent the rhythm of movement in which each light was contained(project for actual art 001). By referring to the microscopic world, we are reminded of multiple layers which are huge, limitless and ignored. The layers are between sight and viewed objects(one against 2).

Takasumi Abe brings attention to invisible phenomenon such as air, temperature, breathing and pulsation. Although these usually exist outside of exchanges between words and information, eyes and ears, there is also another movement that surrounds and influences our responses to the world we inhabit. Maybe this is called 'nature or 'environment'. Abe brings attention and awareness to that which can "circulate". Abe attempts to help the viewer sense the intensity of movement via his intervening in the movement itself. However, it doesn't mean that he is trying to translate such phenomenon. Abe behaves as if he is a shaman. But such shamanism doesn't directly come from an ancestry of primitive religions. The shaman in a religious sense 'is forced to do' due to a fear of that which is invisible, but he 'does' so from an incomparable fascination. Often he has sensed a type of wonder that is beyond words that divide or fix meaning.

However, the word "circulate" originates from 'circle', so this means that that mass movement has no exit. As a becoming mediator of this, there is a danger that the shaman will come to resemble the circulation itself. As not only a mediator, but also as an artist, he must break through the vicious circle of the establishment and the routine. Perhaps this solo exhibition at
art space tetra will become a touchstone for Takasumi Abe.

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