art space tetra opened its doors on the 3rd of April, 2004.
Since then artspace tetra has held various art exhibitions and music events by artists and musicians from both Japan and around the world.
We hope to continue to offer an independent space unique to Fukuoka where art and music from anywhere and everywhere may be experienced and discussed.
art space tetra is located in the historical town of Suzaki, the last destination of the Hakata Gion Yamakasa festival, a place where old traditions and culture are still evident.
The tetra building is a wooden three floor construction which was built soon after the end of World War Two. The ground floor is an exhibition / event space, surrounded by atmospheric white walls that are supported by visible wooden beams and frames, a tiled floor, windows that are no longer opened, and unusually high ceilings.
The 2nd floor is an office / free space for reading and other activities.

For enquiries please contact

art space tetra
812-0028 / 2-15 Suzaki Hakata-ku Fukuoka Japan

Gisun Jeon
Hotaka Tanikawa
Kazuhiko Sakaguchi
Kenichiro Egami (HP)
Kenji Makizono (HP)
Kobayashi Boardwalk
Li Li.
Mitsuo Morooka (HP)
Satomi Kodama
Takashi Jono
Yonly Che
Yuji Nakamura (HP)