“just the strings”

Mori Hiroaki, Manabe Yuichirou, lux diffusion


"Just the Strings" welcomed two guest guitar players from Nagasaki, and was a night dedicated to just that- six strings. Hiroaki Mori and Yuichiro Manabe both are involved with an intricate finger-picking style a la Isato Nakamura and other acoustic guitar instrumentalists in that genre. Manabe was Mr. Mori’s student at the time, and they had lessons at Mr. Mori’s home at a small Shinto shrine. Mori played several songs from his self-released albums, and his large sound filled the room nicely. Lux diffusion debuted some new songs, and used looping effects to play along with his own backing parts. A closing improvisation was a chance for all three players to get together and share licks and just have fun.

[organiser] Greg Sullivan (Escalator Audio)




Leaky Fields, shine-kosei, Hashimoto Eri, Fujii Eri, Yasuda Kazu