Yuko Mariko + Yoshimitsu Ichiraku


Yuko Mariko + 一楽儀光

Kansai's Yukonexus6 and Mariko ...... came to tetra on a short Kyushu tour, accompanied by Yamaguchi's Yoshimitsu Ichiraku.
Live video was abound, and Ichiraku's Doravideo was a combination of live video feed controlled through a hand-manipulated effects pad. A second mini camera shot live, the. audience and Ichiraku's collection of background images, culled from both tabloid and news sources. All this visual stimuli was attached to a soundtrack of various sampled material and cute electronic noises.
The YukuMariko duo featured live vocal, and background sounds from Yukonexus6 and live video by Mariko. The projected portion of the video included Yuko's travels through the Mojave desert of California and the neon fetishes of Las Vegas. Mariko s use of different objects and tools blended well with the mood of the video shot by Yuko, and helped make the overall feel of a travel diary come to life.

Yuko NEXUS6 http://www02.so-net.ne.jp/~nexus6/
Mariko Tajiri http://www.kcc.zaq.ne.jp/dfbdt009/oeufpoche/

[organiser] Yoshimitsu Ichiraku
[PA] Greg Sullivan (Escalator Audio)
[support] art space tetra


Yoshimitsu Ichiraku

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