Ross Paul Taylor

2006.11.28 - 12.10 *closed on Mondays

organised by art space tetra
supported by Arts Council England

Ross Paul Taylor 個展

The exhibition will showcase works by landscape artist Ross Paul Taylor, Taylor uses both imagined landscapes as well as the materiality of landscape to address our problems of understanding space and ratio within nature.

Taylor’s works often develop using a process of repetition to underline the complexity of understanding the space around him. By repeating the same creative action, Taylor makes only small and often near insignificant steps, until something far grander eventually develops. It is this
persistence with time and process, which Taylor wants the viewer to indulge in, so that the audience is exposed to a struggle significant only to the artist as human being, trying to understand his surroundings.


Kai Lam “Hybrid Fighter”

Kai Lam 個展 「Hybrid Fighter」

2006.08.09 - 08.20 *closed on Monday

performance: 2006.08.09 19:00 start
opening party: 2006.08.11 18:00 start

curated by Muzuki Endo
organised by rhythm

supported by Fukuoka City Foundation for Arts and Cultural Promotion


Jayson Oliveria & Jonathan Olazo

Jayson Oleveria & Jonathan Olazo



Tomoko Ushijima Solo Exhivition "archipelago form of bending the waist "

牛島智子 個展「腰曲げレットウ」

date : Nov 11 (tue) - 16 (Sun), 2014
open : 13:00 - 20:00
    ※except Jun 12 :16:00 - 20:00

admission free
Artist:Tomoko Ushijima will stay in the venue.

「Miyahara Kazue & Tomoko Dance Live」
Nov.16 sun, 15:00 ~16:00 admision free


Anzai Yuki exhibition -GIANT CRUTCHES-

安西之展「GIANT CRUTCHESージャイアント クラッチーたちあがるクラッチ、それは…」

2011.4.19(tue) - 24(sun)
tue- fri 16:00-20:00 / sat-sun13:00-20:00


Tetsuya Umeda and Kumio Kurachi


19:00 open / 19:30 start
2,000yen (include 1drink)
organized by tontuu record / 3150


art space tetra 5th anniversary
Takasumi Abe “Circulate”

アートスペース・テトラ5周年記念企画<br />Circulate 安部貴住個展

2009.4.1(wed) - 19(sun)
tue-fri 16:00-20:00 / sat-sun and holiday 13:00-20:00

art space tetra 5th anniversary & opening party
2009.4.4(sat) 19:00- ¥free


Tetsuya Umeda “ :Interlude: ”

梅田哲也 solo Live 「 :Interlude: 」

2009.2.20 (fri)
20:00 start
¥1,000 + 1drink order