“The Unanswered Question”

Genichiro Shibata, Daisuke Terauchi, Keiko Niimi, Satoko Matsukuma, Tamaho Miyake

19:30 open / 20:00 start
¥1,500 (include 1drink)

the Unanswered Question

Improvisational performance using Theremin, voice, card game, melodica, video, viola and many kinds of toys.

5 young artists (from Tokyo, Hiroshima and Fukuoka) who have studied music and art in the Netherlands will gather for an improvisational performance in Fukuoka city.
Our aim is to propose and generalize modern art INTO citizens with a program considered for that all audience containing beginners can enjoy!

free improvisation
live painting 'order' (Genichiro Shibata)
'Mizu(water)' for solo viola (Tamaho Miyake)
improvisational piece 'Kehahi' (?) (Daisuke Terauchi)
card game piece



Genichiro Shibata

Daisuke Terauchi
The Composer, Performer and Improviser Daisuke Terauchi received his Master's Degree from Elisabeth University of Music in Hiroshima in 1999. He has studied under Koji Tomotani, Jo Kondo and Klaas de Vries.
He has taught at Shiratake elementary school and Elisabeth University of Music.
He is presently studying at Rietveld Art Academy and Amsterdam Conservatory.

He creates works in various mediums including chamber music, live performance and improvisation.
He has produced 2 CD's entitled "Thread, works by Daisuke Terauchi I" [HALE-006CD] and "Wordless poetry, short pieces for voice by Daisuke Terauchi" [solacd-001].
In 2003, he was invited to attend the Daegu International Contemporary Music Festival "Young composers in the world" in Korea, where his work "Ivy for flute and piano" was performed. In 2005, his work "NAGARE for violin and piano" was selected and performed at Yogyakarta contemporary music festival 2005 in Indonesia.

As improviser, he has improvised with the various fields of artists, such as a dancer, painter, calligrapher, and computer musician. He performs with various kind of voices, and musical instruments, such as a recorder, a keyboard harmonica, and a mouth harp. He has improvised in a lot of places such as in Hiroshima, Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Maastricht, Daegu, Wien, Lithuania and so on.
Born in 1974 in Hiroshima.

He has assisted in the writing of an ear training book entitled "The Musician's Ear" by Jo Kondo.

Keiko Niimi
Born in Tokyo Japan,grew up in Yokohama Japan.
NHK morning TV drama series "Oshin" (1983) is the work with which I played my actress debut (cast as baby).
Graduated from Tokyo College of Music (2006).
Play some music with Theremin,Satsuma-Biwa,Piano,Sitar and Gamelan.
Made a PV music for musium The Shell Forest in Aomori (2003).
A member of unit "Kishibojin fumin girls"(Hariti sleepless girls) with Noriko Koide.
A member of personality of internet radio "radio seesaaaaaw" before (2004).
Made a school song for Piccolino kindergarden. (2006)
Studied composition in Codarts Rotterdam conservatorium for 2years in The Netherlands.   
From 2008,Working in the company Pierota in Japan as the event producer(entertainment department).

Found own label with Anzu Nagumo.
A member of Pikake Liko with Hikari Kiyama.

Satoko Matsukuma
Born on 1984, in Fukuoka.
Graduated from the Rotterdam Conservatory on 2008.
Studied the violin with Hideo Matsumura, viola with Hiroshi Uchida, Vladimir Mendelssohn and Sven Arne Tepl.
Matsukuma will join a seminar/concert, performing with Fuminori Shinozaki (NHK symphony orchestra) on March 2009.

Tamaho Miyake
Composer, Improviser and piano player Tamaho Miyake received her Bachelor's Degree (classical composition) from Soai University, and completed the special course at Soai University. She has studied under Klaas de Vries, Teizo Matsumura, Mitsuo Yamada and Junko Yasuda.

She has taught composition and piano at Yamaha music school for 13 years.

She belongs to 'Shinshinkai Kansai' and 'PORT' (composers' groups of contemporary music). She gave a lecture about her work ar Daegu Contemporary Music Festival in Korea, and her piece 'Two or More for clarinet and Violincello' was performed at the concert (2004). Her piece 'Uncountable for string Quartet' was selected and performed at the concert of Yogyakarta Contemporory Music Festival 2005 in Indonesia. Her piece 'b. for 2 violins and percussions' was awarded the spacial prize by I.C.O.M.S. competition in Italy.

She improvises with the Piano, the Theremin and voices etc. with various fields of performers.



player ... Satoko Matsukuma (viola)
program ... J.S.Bach "Unaccompanied cello suite No. 4 E flat Major" , and more.

17:30 start (about 1 hour)
500yen (include 1drink)


Maher Shalal Hash Baz

Maher Shalal Hash Baz

19:00 open / 22:00 close
1,000YEN + 1drink order