Fukuoka & Busan Exchange Exhibition
“Art work & Diary”

2011.5.20(fri) - 29(sun)
tue-fri 16:00-20:00 / sat-sun 13:00-20:00
Closed on Monday

supported by Fukuoka City Foundation for Arts and Cultural Promotion

Opening Party & Artist Talk
5.20(fri) 19:00 Free

Fukuoka & Busan Exchange Exhibition<br>ARTinNATURE 釜山作家6人<br> “Art work & Diary”

We are pleased to announce an exhibition by a group of emerging artists invited from Busan, Korea.
Our artistic and cultural exchange began in autumn 2010, when Mr. Sung-baeg, an artist and director of Cultural Creative Space ARTinNATURE in Busan first contacted artists in Fukuoka to participate in an exhibition held at the space.
Five artists based in Fukuoka responded and presented a wide range of works with a group of local artists.
ARTinNATURE is a type of shared studio combined with a gallery space, run by a number of artists based in Busan including Mr. Sung-baeg, located within the Seo-Gu Flower Village district of the city.Through realizing the exhibition in Busan, we gained our friendship and artistic connection by sharing ideas and experiences that led us further into realizing another exhibition, this time in Fukuoka.
By presenting not only artwork, but also materials such as sketches, notes and pictures that reveal process of artistic creation behind each work, the exhibition aims to offer an accessible environment for the viewer to engage with the artists and their work.
We hope this exhibition to be a wonderful opportunity for an exchange and dialogue between people beyond cultural difference and profession.

Fukuoka & Busan Exchange Exhibition Executive Committee
[ Saeko Oyama, Keiichiro Terae, Kyoko Miwa, Terue Yamauchi, Jyunko Yamakawa ]

Jung sung hoon, stress, 2011

Kim kyoung ho, Flying in the sky, 2011

Lee chang woon, On a journey, 2010

Sung baeg, Messenger-2011, 2011

Kim jung min, A collection of memories, 2011

Lee jung min, Performance art


Autumn hotpot TALK

Autumn hotpot TALK ~ 渡る風のゆくえ ~ 

talkin' about vol.2

talkin' about vol.2

date : December 13th, 2015
time : 5pm-10pm
800yen(with 1drink and food)


Terue Yamauchi "The Island of Flying Fish and People of the Sea"


Friday, 10th April, 2015
Open 19:30 / Start 20:00
Admission: ¥500 (with one free drink)
Talk will be given in Japanese with English explanation available upon requests.


cafe PATISSIEReco in Fukuoka


11:00 open


Junko Yamakawa “Bright golden yellow, the Daily group”

山川順子 個展「山吹色、日々の群像」

2009.11.3(tue) - 15(sun)
tue-fri 16:00-20:00 / sat-sun 13:00-20:00
Closed on Monday


Gavin Weber

Gavin Weber 個展

2008.07.11 - 07.27 *closed on Monday
13:00 - 20:00

exchange party will be held on 07.12 19:00-

supported by Fukuoka City Foundation for Arts and Cultural Promotion


“Gavin Weber is working in public”

Gavin Weber 公開制作

2008.07.06 - 07.10


Terue Yamauchi
“places yet to know”

山内光枝 個展 <br />「地層 - places yet to know」

2008.04.03 - 04.13 *closed on Monday
13:00 - 20:00