Frisk Frugt

+ Katsura Yamuchi

2011.11.22 (tue)
20:00 start

◆Anders Lauge Meldgaard 's mail interview included

フリスク・フルーグト from Denmark

Frisk Frugt
a.k.a. Anders Lauge Meldgaard


Dansktoppen møder Burkina Faso i det himmelblå rum hvor solen bor, suite (2010)

katsurayamauchi.jpgKatsura Yamauchi

★mail interview with Anders Lauge Meldgaard

― Why do you name your solo project “Frisk Frugt”?

I named the project Frisk Frugt because I am very inspired by recording music in an intuitive way and often use first takes for final versions of songs. "Frisk Frugt" means "Fresh Fruit" in English and I think the name came to me as a kind of picture of this way of approaching music.

― When did you start making music? And What kind of music is your musical background? Have you had musical educations.

I started playing music as a young child. We had a piano at home that I loved to play. Later I also began learning to play the guitar and the saxophone. I was studied music at The Royal Music Conservatoire in Copenhagen but dropped out to move to Berlin in Germany to play with my very good friends from the "yoyooyoy collective". I never returned to finish the education, but anyways I feel like I am learning new things about music almost every day. With the yoyooyoy collective we just to do a lot of improvisation and sometimes it sounds like free jazz, sometimes like pop or noise music. But I have always been very interested in composing music as well, so in some way I think that my musical background is a kind of combination between improvisation and composition. I often use these two things as counterpoints in the search of tension and diversity in the music.

― Do you have a local musical scene (Copenhagen) that you thought you belong to, and In what place do you usually play?

I share my time between Berlin and Copenhagen, so when I go to Copenhagen it is mostly to play concerts. There is a very good scene around a venue called "Mayhem" which was started by member of the yoyooyoy collective and the promoters called KNTN. The good thing about Copenhagen is that it is very small so many people from the music scene know each other and do projects together and are very open to that. When I am in Berlin (where I live), I focus more on composing new music and working on record projects. Right now I am working on mixing some recordings we did with the band called "Music for Six Electric Guitars". Because Berlin is a much bigger city than Copenhagen the scenes are much more spread out and it is my impression that people don’t collaborate so much between the different scenes.

― How about producing and financing your musical productions? Is making music your profession?

For the last 3 - 4 years I have been able to live completely of making music. In Denmark there is a lot of good systems that support music and art. I am very thankful for that.

― Do you have any impressions about Japanese music (scene)? And why did you think that you would like to perform in Japan?

For many years I have been listening to Japanese music. I think the first Japanese band I got to know was OOIOO, which I love very much. That led to Boredoms and Merzbow and Keiji Haino and many others. I am also a very big fan of the music of Masaru Sato and the traditional music of the Ainu people. I am looking very much forward to come to Japan and perform the music I do.

― Do you think what kind of music your music is related to?

On a good day I think the music I do is connected to all the music that existed before.

― Do have any impression about differences between free improv in jazz context and late electro-acoustioc improv.

I like very much to improvise, also at concerts. But I try to keep myself out of any genre boundaries, trying to focus on things that are intuitive and spontaneous.

― Do you want the audience to enjoy what kind of points of your music?

Any point they like!

― Dutch free improviser Han Bennink says "Free Jazz keep you young". It's a joke, but Do you have any idea about your music "effect"?

As Albert Ayler says: Music is the healing force of the universe!