Sam Andreae Japan Tour

w/ Yuji Nakamura + Kentaro Niibe / sound renovation band

date : June 7th, 2014
open : 7:30 pm / start : 8:00 pm
ticket : 1500yen + 1drink order (500yen)

Sam Andreae Japan Tour

Sam Andreae is a musician active as an improviser and composer in Britain and Scandinavia. Currently living in Manchester, Sam approaches improvisation through the exploration of sound and abstract noise, developing extended uses of the saxophone both acoustically and through electronic augmentation. Originally trained as a classical musician he has developed is own musical voice through varied experiences in improvised, jazz and noise music, with the time he has spent in Scandinavia being a particularly formative period.

Sam says - “For me, improvised music is the form of artistic expression that most closely reflects the human condition. Any personal struggles observed in your own life appear to also be present (and a formative force) when searching for your voice as an improvising musician. Overcoming the challenges you face in the pursuit of a music that is personal to you would appear then to have the exciting side effect of helping you gain a better understand of yourself and the others around you. What a happy coincidence!”

Sam has had the pleasure of recently performing with: Le Quan Ninh, Lisa Ullén, Christian Wolff, Michael Duch, David Birchall, Mette Rasmussen, Corey Mwamba, Alex Bonney, Olie Brice, Colin Webster, Rodrigo Constanzo, David Meier, Marlyn Crispell, Trio Riot, Silence Blossoms, Distractfold Ensemble and Me & You.

Yuji Nakamura + Kentaro Niibe
"improvisation of sound and butoh"



sound renovation band