tetra is open weekends in september

Tetra is open weekends in September.
12日(金)20:30〜talk about the art of Fukuoka
13日(土)18:00〜AGAINST2014 Screening / Discussion "A.K.A. Serial Killer" Directed by Adachi Msao|Japan|1969|85min
14日(日)12:00〜tetra-marche / 2ndhand-KIMONO sale
15日(月・祝)12:00〜tetra-marche / 2ndhand-KIMONO sale
20日(土)14:30〜AGAINST2014 Adachi Masao: Talk Cinema / Territory / Action
21日(日)19:30〜Ryu Hankil,Akira Sanematsu,七色川
23日(火)16:30〜Bar Drkroom
26日(金)19:00〜Deutsch Bier & Talk 
27日(土)12:00〜Garage sale
      19:00〜Talk by Hiroshi Fuji : art museum, art project and artist.


art space tetra opened its doors on the 3rd of April, 2004.
Since then artspace tetra has held various art exhibitions and music events by artists and musicians from both Japan and around the world.
We hope to continue to offer an independent space unique to Fukuoka where art and music from anywhere and everywhere may be experienced and discussed.