Pan Lu, Exhibition "Archival Flows: A 90-Minute Exhibition"

Date: 2016.6.22 (Wed) 18:30 start
Venue: art space tetra 1F
entrance fee: one drink order & donation

パン・ルー(潘律) 展覧会 「アーカイブ的流れ:90分間の展覧会」

Pan Lu who is a researcher from Hong Kong has been doing her research project on art-archiving at Fukuoka Ajia Art Museum for a month. As her final presentation, she has one day exhibition about her research on the archive material and excavated memory of Ajia Museum.

Pan Lu, Exhibition "Archival Flows: A 90-Minute Exhibition"

Main theme
the final presentation that wraps up my one-month residency at Ajibi takes the form of a temporary exhibition in addition to talk, sharing and discussion. The project tends to probe into the relations among the archive, the curator and the (im)materiality of memory.

introduction to the exhibition (18:30-18:45)
My talk about the exhibition concept in relation to Ajibi's archive (18:45-19:05)
Sharing by Ajibi's curators on the images/objects they selected from Ajibi's archive (19:05-19:35)
Discussion (19:35-20:00)

Pan Lu (潘律)

Born in 1981 in Shanghai, China. She is an assistant professor of Chinese Culture in the Hong Kong Politechnic University. She is researching art archive in Asia, and will research the archival material of FAAM and interview people.