Transit Republic|L.A. - TJ - Fukuoka

2017/3/25 (sat)
◼︎4:30 - 6pm
"L.A ZINE Culture. Talk & Discussion"
◼︎7 - 9pm
“The making of a transverse arts project”

Transit Republic|越境芸術祭 L.A. - TJ - Fukuoka

"Transit Republic,” a transverse arts project initiated in Los Angeles during the month of January 2017 for 25 days — a diverse group of artists, curators, educators, researchers, editors and collaborators participated in the exhibitions, talks, screenings and research which reached as far as Tijuana, Mexico.

While visiting the local artist run spaces and galleries, the researching delved into the current situation between immigrant communities and the arts. Local artists were invited to join the exhibition in the latter half of the project, changing the social visual landscape of the exhibition. This is an exhibition evolving from a new form of action to produce, announce, edit and publish and exhibition that encompasses art, anthropology and journalism in real time

It is our pleasure to announce the launch of Art Bridge Issue No. 5. "Transit Republic," covering this transverse arts / publishing project that started in Los Angeles. (Jan 2017) — from LA's diverse art practices and new museums in construction— from Mexico's grassroots community activities, artist activities, and the American sociopolitical changes during the inauguration of the current U.S. administration and its effects on the Pacific culture.

March 25, 2017

◼︎4:30 - 6pm
"L.A ZINE Culture. Talk & Discussion"

In addition to an introduction of the West Coast DIY culture scene and a small exhibit of zines created by local artists and self publishers, we plan to hold an information exchange / exchange party with artists producing and distributing zines in Fukuoka. If you are a self publisher and / or have a favorite zine you would like to share, please bring it to this event.

guest speaker: Kio Griffith (artist, curator, writer)
this is a free event and everybody is welcome!

◼︎7 - 9pm
“The making of a transverse arts project”

guest speakers:
Chihiro Minato (photographer, director of 2016 Aichi Triennale), Kio Griffith (artist, curator, writer), Ayumi Sekikawa (editor in chief, Art Bridge Institute)
moderator : Kenichiro Egami

@art space tetra(Suzaki-cho 2-15, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka)

donation:1000yen + one drink order

includes a group exhibition of small works and zines from

L.A. and Tijuana
Manual History Machines
Alan Nakagawa
The Pit (Adam Miller + Devin Oder)
Julio M Romero
Mely Barragan
Daniel Ruanova
Luis Alonso Sánchez
Tavo Camarena
Haydeé Jiménez
Ingrid Hernández
Colectivo Coyot