JARVIS EARNSHAW Japan tour 2017


date : 1 April, 2017
time : 19:00 open / 19:30 start
ticket : 2,000 yen


Jarvis Earnshaw

Born in London 1982, Jarvis Earnshaw spent most of his childhood in Japan, releasing his debut album from Slam Records at the age of 15; he graduated Bunka Gakuin Art School in Tokyo and is a graduate of Pratt Institute in New York. His musical career as well as his Art career has been recognized worldwide, having solo exhibitions, residencies and performances throughout Japan from Fuji Rock Festival '03, Europe, India and across America to Lincoln Center New York.

His work is often described as a cinematic experience, utilizing guitar, sitar and audio cassette tapes provoking memories of past and beyond, warm and rich as does the noise from a record needle touching an LP; at times violently explosive yet soothing and irresistible.

Currently based in Brooklyn, New York, he has been engaged in numerous projects throughout the Art and Music scenes including a recent performance at the Bruno Walter Auditorium at Lincoln Center and collaborations with: 80s NY New-Wave violinist Walter Steding, artist Kenny Scharf, DJ Quietstorm, Yoshitake EXPE, Amazing Amy the contortionist, musical director for Rumi Missabu of the legendary 60's psychedelia troupe the Cockettes amongst many others, and also plays bass in the punk band QUESTION which released their first full length LP in Autumn 2016 through US label Fashionable Idiots.

His photographs have been featured in Asahi Camera Magazine, has had a solo exhibition at the New York Public Library Tompkin Sq. branch in 2013, has also created a soundtrack for the National Audubon Society "Shorebirds Flock to Yellow Sea" and his self published zines: “Nowhere Now Here vol.0” and “Nowhere Now Here vol.9” have recently been added to the NYPL permanent collection.


L'appel du Vide : https://youtu.be/Vnu8JA-kvIw
Live at Judson Memorial Church : https://youtu.be/NIwF35n6q6Y
QUESTION live in Brooklyn : https://youtu.be/2F7Ak8IaHkA


Introducing SPICOLI, a ferocious delicacy on the world's voluminous menu of noise music. SPICOLI, as a music and writing project, has been performing and recording since 2007. Adhering to the fundamental theos of Power Electronics as well as a strict devotion to originality, SPICOLI is a concentration of grit and truth. Where other music projects, even some of his own, are dependent on the appeal of a toe-tapping melody or catchy hook, SPICOLI uses home-grown equipment to remind us of the dense vitality of distortion and conviction, continuously succeeding at offering us something more.

SPICOLI, originally an off-shoot from Minneapolis' luridly deafening and well traveled Monsters of Pot, is no stranger to the customs of travel. Having toured much of the United States with bands Harlequin, a dark and heavy trio utilizing timbers of amplified and distorted violas rather than that of guitars, or the blistering and compelling hardcore punk band QUESTION, who has travelled extensively in North America and Europe, SPICOLI is truly a musical missionary.

His catalogue of releases a wide array of flavors, and more titles than we as humans have phalanges. Most recently, SPICOLI has cooked up and dished out several titles on his own label Cauldron Tapes. His skill on guitar is shown on the new Question Self/Titled LP available on Fashionable Idiots, Black Noise Records, Six Weeks, and Maximum Rock and Roll Records. SPICOLI also has dexterity as a recording technician and his prowess can be heard on many of his releases and also those of bands on New York City punk label Toxic State Records.

Count on SPICOLI to give your stomach and stereo something to chew on while putting you on your ass with a bombardment of virtuosity and extremity

Spicoli live at Port D'or Brooklyn : https://youtu.be/d_fYLMpO6M8
Spicoli live at Trans Pecos : https://youtu.be/3a0Xin3NBCY
Spicoli live at Silent Barn : https://youtu.be/1Yuh4ZWy74Q

Yoshitake EXPE

DJ TATSUISHI (Kalavinka Music)