Intergalactic Memorial Carnival for DAVID GRAEBER in Fukuoka

2020.10.11 (Sun)

デイヴィッド・グレーバーに捧げる銀河間メモリアル・カーニバル in 福岡

On September 2, 2020, the cultural anthropologist and activist David Graeber departed from this world in Venice. David's sudden death brought a sense of great sadness and loss to those who have been inspired and empowered by his work.

In Fukuoka City, Japan, we open our 'art space tetra' as the venue for participating in the memorial carnival with people who love his writings and activities.
His partner, artist Nika Dubrovsky, and others have announced that there will be a simultaneous global carnival of remembrance for David on Sunday, October 11.

"Intergalactic Memorial Carnival for DAVID GRAEBER"

He loved the world with its liveliness and humor. So we are going to see him off in a carnival way. There will be a space where people can pick up his books and texts, while video footage of his talks will be projected on the screen. Also, we prepare for a mini-workshop to make masks. Instead of bringing masks, we would like to spend time and chatting together while making masks in the venue. The masks are supposed to be displayed on the wall before people bring them back.

Date: 2020.10.11 (Sun)
Time: 15:00~22:00