0.01 Establishment Inner world

6/26 (sat) 27 (sun)
10: 00-20: 00
20: 30-23-30

0.01 Establishment 内界


(Event content)
I will spray the stencil
・ There is no charge
・ You can also bring your own T-shirt.

We have a shooting space
It will be taken by an exclusive photographer
・ Please note that the photos taken will be uploaded on Instagram.
(ID / @ 0.01__official)

We will give a lighter or sticker to the person who purchased it.

It is 1 Drink (¥ 500-)

0.01 Establishment Description
0.01 Establishment is a group of a wide variety of people. Photographers, track makers and designers are active in various genres.
Among them, in commemoration of this pop-up
fashion brand
We have created "0.01 Establishment". Each piece of clothing has a theme and is filled with feelings. Currently, only logo T-shirts are sold, but in the future I would like to cooperate with members to work on clothes that are only 0.01 Establishment.
The official website has also opened, so please take a look.

Inner world explanation
The theme of this pop-up is "inner world". It's an unfamiliar word, but it literally refers to the inner world, the inner world. Every person has what is inside human beings
I have a desire to send it to the world.
That desire is expressed in this pop-up
I wanted to convey the world view (inner world) created by the members of 0.01 Establishment to the world (lower world)].
As a discerning production, we are giving a space production in the store. In addition, we will shoot with a photographer of 0.01 Establishment and direct with music by DJ. In this way, it is a pop-up created by all the members.
I would like to convey the world view of 0.01 Establishment to everyone at Art Space Tetra.


DIWATA ディワータ

DIWATA ディワータ

【会期】 2021年10 月23日(土)ー 11 月 7 日(日) ※会期中無休
【時間】 15:00 ~ 20:00 ※入場無料

Ram Botero ラム・ボテーロ
Renz Y. Botero レンズ・ボテーロ
Natu Xantino ナツ・ザンティーノ


In Life ~生活の中で~ 九州産業大学 写真・映像メディア学科 大日方研究室 写真展

In Life ~生活の中で~ 九州産業大学 写真・映像メディア学科 大日方研究室 写真展

時間…12:00-20:00 最終日18:00
メンバー:伊藤 万里奈 / 天社 あずさ / 藤 史帆里 / 東 綾香 / 山之上 響


LIVIN’ PROOF(リビンプルーフ)

LIVIN’ PROOF(リビンプルーフ)

2021 09/17(金)~09/23(木)

Oily / Sysu / Kyosuke Yamamoto



宋秀臣 写真展 Map of Acid

April 01-07, 2021
Weekdays 18:00-21:00
Saturday and Sunday 17:00-22:00

Closing party 04.07 18:00-



Asian Art Relay vol.2「ビビンバでおもてなし」

Word Of Color-voice recording tour

キオ・グリフィス トーク&新作のための録音会「Word Of Color-voice recording tour」

2016/07/20 (Wed) 19:00~


Graphic Score Workshop 2014


(1) Friday, 24th October (2) Thursday, 6th November (3) Friday, 21st November (4) Friday, 12th December (5) Friday, 26th December

admission (reservation necessary) : 1,500yen (each day)
reservation: tetra, or 090-9686-8241 (kawai), colorrecords@gmail.com
*lectures will be mainly in Japanese