Unyielding Lebanon The Role of Art

Saturday, April 22, 2023
20:00 start (doors open at 19:45)

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Azusa Suga (Traveler ≒ Photographer)
Gohei Miyoshi (Representative of Sanseisha)

Takashi Jono (art space tetra)

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不屈のレバノン アートの役割

Paris of the Middle East - Civil War - Switzerland of the Middle East - Economic Collapse - Beirut Port Explosion - The Middle East of today, Lebanon is going through ups and downs at a dizzying pace.

Despite such upheaval, this is a bitter-sweet travel story in Lebanon, where many beloved cultures have taken root, including the Lebanese food culture loved around the world since ancient times and the world of the "Epic of Gilgamesh," a literary work from ancient Mesopotamia and considered the oldest story in the world.

In this event, we hope to learn about the culture of diversity seen in Lebanon, where various religions and cultures are intermingled, by having Azusa Suga, a photographer and traveler who will be leaving for Palestine again in May, talk about her trip while looking at photos she took there.

The interviewer will be Gohei Miyoshi, representative of Sanseisha, a Fukuoka-based company involved in various projects related to culture and art, who will talk about his stay in Lebanon in depth.

Even without electricity, the party goes on!

Azusa Suga(Traveler ≒ Photographer)

Azusa Suga has been traveling the world and taking photographs since around 2000.
She has worked in Switzerland on a whim, was posted to Malta for some reason, and after fleeing to Paris, she has been frequently visiting Palestine in the Middle East since 2015.
He is currently working on documentary photographs and videos focusing on Palestine.
Lebanon, as seen from the Golan Heights, is just a stone's throw away, and while I used to be able to get there on a Honda Cub (moped), now I have to fly to Cyprus and other third countries to get there. My travels are at the mercy of politics, so I will continue to document them.

Azusa SUGA
Documentrary + Photography

Gohei Miyoshi (President, Sanseisha)
Based in Fukuoka, Miyoshi plans, produces, and writes mainly about projects related to culture and the arts. His projects include "Asian Film Joint," an Asian film screening and exchange program, and "Meiji Sangyo presents OUR CULTURE, OUR VIEW (LOVE FM)," a radio program that promotes the art and culture scene in Kyushu, Fukuoka.

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