Everyday Life in Hong Kong and Fukuoka: The Study of Contemporary Art and Kougengaku

Phase 1: 1-15 June (residency)
Phase 2: 16-30 June (exhibition)

【Exhibition period】
16-30 June.
Friday, Saturday and Sunday (13:00-19:00)
Mon-Thu: within the same time period, but only by prior appointment by the day before (book ahead: u.potlatch@gmail.com).
【Venue】812-0028 2-15 Susaki-machi Hakata-ku Fukuoka, Japan

「現代芸術考現学  -香港と福岡の日常-」

Period 1: 1-15 June (Residence)
Period 2: 16-30 June (Exhibition)

Yinglin Gao Kobe Ko
Jasmine Cheung

Exhibiting artists
Mindy LUI
Kevin LING Chung Wan
LI Hiuwa
LAM Wing Sze
Pearl LAW

Curatorial Statment
The concept of Kougengaku and Urban Modernology has been gaining popularity in Hong Kong in recent years, and this ingenious idea of re-observation of everyday life is quite similar to a certain way of thinking and creating contemporary art. Japanese sociologists have written extensively on the field of Kougengaku, such as Wajiro Kon, Genpei Akasegawa, Terunobu Fujimori and Shinbo Minami. The curators, Kobe Ko and Jasmine Cheung, were invited by art space tetra to residence and curate the exhibition in Fukuoka, Japan. With Kougengaku as the main theme of this cultural exchange, they lead the artists to explore the urban design and cultural habits of Hong Kong and Japan.

The participating artists include Li Hiuwa, Lam Wing Sze, Kevin Ling Chung Wan, Mindy Lui and Pearl Law. Each of the five artists applies the same rules or methods to create works in both Hong Kong and Fukuoka with their unique vision and research interest. Li document the relationship between artificial objects and the natural environment with his camera; Lam reflects on the trajectory of modern people in urban life via videos; Law follows the methodology of Wajiro Kon to observe and document dogs in the city; Ling produces chocolate coins as a token to conduct dialogues; and Lui uses sun-dried tangerine peels to compare the climate and culture of the two cities.

The artists explore the familiar and the unfamiliar in the two cities, responding to the differences and similarities between the two cultures. During the month-long residency and exhibition, we expect encounters, collisions and chemistry to spark.

[Events and Exhibitions]

2 Jun (Fri) [Programme Kick-off Talk: What is Contemporary Art Research?]
Curators and artists from Hong Kong and Taiwan who have just arrived in Fukuoka will talk about their research and exhibitions in Fukuoka over the next month (Japanese consecutive interpretation provided). There will also be a lecture on the theme of this programme, 'Kōgen Gaku' as seen from Hong Kong. We hope that this event will be an opportunity for a first exchange with Hong Kong artists, including questions about the current state of the Hong Kong art scene and recommendations for places to visit in Fukuoka. After the event, there will be a small welcome party at the venue (feel free to bring your own food or drink!).

Time: 19:00-20:30
Venue: tetra 1F
Fee: Free

16 June (Fri) [Exhibition Opening]
Opening talk with works on display after two weeks of research and production in residence. This will be the first and last opportunity to hear the curators and artists explain their research, production process and works (the curators and artists will return the following day, 17 June). (The curators and artists will return to HK the following day.

Time: 19:00-20:00
Venue: tetra 1F
Admission: free