OddRooming Butoh Performance ~The Microscopic Journey~

Date: July 15, 2023(Saturday)
Time: 19:00 Start 18:30 Open
(About 70 minutes)
Venue: art space tetra
2-15 Susaki-machi Hakata-ku Fukuoka, Japan
art space tetra
Admission: 2,000yen +1drink order500yen

Master Wotazumi(Hotchiku)
moyanmn(Electronic sound)
Yoshio(Solo vocal)

●Welcome to after party!

OddRooming 旗揚舞踏公演「極小世界旅行」

Scene 1  Rite of Todo

Scene 2  Times Square

Scene 3  Shizuka’s room

「The Microscopic Journey」
Join us for an immersive improvisation session of butoh (Japanese dance theater) with  hotchiku(base shakuhachi)and awesome Fukuoka-based artists.
Roomin’(founder of OddRooming) describes butoh as “not only a physical action, but also a living one by itself. I have been aiming to create my butoh-being, which can be formed only ‘here’ and ‘now.’”
MICROSCOPIC JOURNEY has finally arrived! It is the tiniest journey through the world!
Don’t miss the chance to experience ‘here’ and ‘now’.

“OddRooming” is A Creative unit consists of Butoh and Hochiku improvisation Based in Fukuoka City, Hiroshima City, and sometimes New York
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OddRooming Room Member

■Butoh ■Design
In 1999, Roomin’ started her butoh career in Tokyo. In 2001, she won the New Artist Award of the Japan Dance Critics Association for her solo performances at Terpsichore, the legendary butoh performance space in Tokyo. She has participated in Dance Hakushu Festival (Hokuto city), Dance ga mitai (die pratze, Tokyo) and many other international projects as a solo butoh dancer.  In 2012, Roomin’ moved to New York. She has been collaborating with New York-based musicians such as Min Xiao-Fen, Tamio Shiraishi and so on. Her activities have been featured in the “New York Times”. Currently she has been in Japan. She is the organizer of OddRooming.

Master Wotazumi
■Hotchiku ■Improvisation ■Homily
Born in Hiroshima City, is a Japanese shakuhachi musician. He has been living in both New York City and Hiroshima City. He plays an un-lacquered, un-jointed, bamboo flute to help express his music directly and transcend any separation between performer and instrument in the tradition of Watazumido, and has been inspired by the playing of John Coltrane and Eric Dolphy, Taj Mahal Travelers and Musica Elettronica Viva. He debuted with a work by John Cage at the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo. He had participated in the Annual Opus Medium Recital at the Tokyo Opera City Hall, and currently participates in Karl Berger`s Improvisers Orchestra. Kawaguchi is a member of Seiji Nagai Group, and OddRooming.

Guest Room Member

■Electronic sound

■Solo vocal

Staff Room Member
■Lighting: Hiroshi Ideta
■Reception: Rumi Nose
■Flyer photo: Yoshio
■Direction:Shizuka Dan
■Thanks to Yuji Nakamura by art space tetra

■Red wine 
■Whisky with soda(highball)
■Ginger ale
■Ice coffee 
■Oolong tea

Presented by OddRooming