Uzbekistan ↔ Osaka/Fukuoka Talk -Osaka/Fukuoka talk with Ms. Shimoura Della Haziri about exchange with Uzbekistan.

Date: Saturday, July 13
Time: 18:30 - 21:00 / Doors open 15 minutes prior to the start of the event (social gathering to follow)
Fee: Free (+500 yen for those attending the social event)


ウズベキスタン↔大阪/福岡トーク -デラハジリ下浦さんと一緒に、ウズベキスタンとの交流を考える-

This project started in 2023 and aims to connect Fukuoka-based art space tetra and artists living in Tashkent by 2025. The project will be supported by the Osaka-based art space "Delahajiri".
I met Mr. Shimoura, who runs Delahajiri, through an event at Yamanaka Suplex in Shiga Prefecture in March 2024. We then wanted to think about hospitality in art, so we invited Ms. Oliga, who works in Uzbekistan and creates art and welfare-themed works.
This event will be held in the form of an open meeting based on an introduction to the Osaka Delahajiri space, and Oliga and Anna, both artists living in Uzbekistan, will participate online.
We hope to make this an opportunity to explore the difficulties of working in two locations in Japan with different cultures, and moreover, in Osaka and Fukuoka, and what can be done in this context.
At this event, we will invite artists from Uzbekistan to discuss with visitors about their residency at Osaka Delahajiri and Fukuoka art space tetra.
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Moeka Shimoura (Osaka/Delahajiri)
Mariko Otsuka (Kumamoto/coordinator)
Online Participation
KERIMOVA OLGA (Uzbekistan/Artist)
Moderator: Takashi JONO (Fukuoka/art space tetra)
Organizer: art space tetra