Date: March 8, 2013 (Fri)
Time: 18:30 open / 19:00 start
Fee: 500円 (One drink included)
Funding: Agency for Cultural Affairs in Japan
With the support of : Embassy of France/Institut français du Japon

ARTE RADIO パブリックリスニングin福岡

KASHIMA - International Artistic Residency is welcoming two groups of artists from South Korea and France. The given theme is: “A COURSE THROUGHOUT BEPPU”. Beppu is a moving city, the water flows massively, a lot of tourists and population transit. Part of this living movement, artists in residency will give new perspectives and draw physical and imaginary ways in Beppu city. The artistic creations will be visible in March 2013 in Beppu city, open you eyes (and your ears)! Elodie Dornand and Seung-Hwan Oh, the French-Korean couple, will present a visual art project in Beppu city (an exhibition will be shown at the gallery of French Institute. Silvain Gire and Christophe Rault, who composed Arte Radio, will create a sound journey also in Beppu.

This time, art space tetra is holding a public listening session presented by the French sound artist, Christophe Rault. The audience will listen to some sound creations of Arte Radio and experience an extract of the soundwalk specially conceived for Beppu.

The project of the residency in Beppu (sound art)
Silvain and Christophe are proposing a soundwalk accross the city. The soundwalk is based on interviews of inhabitants, fiction and sounds of Japan. Silvain Gire, Editor-in-chief of Arte radio, has written a fictional story about Beppu and Christophe Rault has recorded, mixed and edited the sounds. The soundwalk is a way to experience short modern fictions, intimate stories, funny and poetic, through Beppu city.

Arte Radio
Reports, sound postcards, documentaries, radio dramas, series, news…
ARTE Radio was founded in 2002 in Paris, France, by the European cultural channel, ARTE.
It’s a free, on-demand, Internet radio service with absolutely no advertising. You can either listen online to or download hundreds of reports, radio dramas, documentaries, audio creations and series. Sound creations contains a wealth of emotions. Although most programs are in French, many of our sound creations do not contain words and are therefore universal.
All our programmes are original, and are produced especially by and for ARTE Radio, which pays a fee to its authors and holds the rights. The programmes are broadcast under a Creative Commons licence, for listening to online, for downloading and podcasting.

Silvain Gire (born 1964)
A writer and a journalist, is the co-founder and editor-in-chief of He started his radio work in 1991 for France Culture, the French public cultural radio, where he talked about philosophy, art and lifestyles while playing Public Enemy and Joy Division. He joined the cultural television ARTE in 1994 to work in communication, until he was asked to create a radio online.
He founded in 2002 with young sound engineer Christophe Rault. ARTE Radio introduced podcasting in France in 2005, and has played a major role in making radio creation relevant again for young generations. It won international acclaim for its new, direct approach to radio features and drama, winning 4 Prix Europa and 1 Prix Italia among other awards. For the 10th anniversary of ARTE Radio in 2012, Silvain Gire has been invited in London, Sydney, Chicago, New York and Berlin to present his work and promote new ways of mixing sound and images which he calls “Radio 2.0”.

Christophe Rault (born 1979)
A sound artist and a documentary maker, is the co-founder of After crafting the sound of ARTE Radio for seven years, he now lives in Brussels (Belgium) and works as an independant radio maker. He also provides his skills on sound recording, editing and mixing for many authors, and conducts workshops about radio language and sound technique.
He appears as a sound artist in collective projects like Sonomaton, Reflex of the Cyclop (radio theatre), TDOS (live performance), European Sound Delta (art residence). He is currently writing a radio drama and working on a children theatre play.
His radio works (documentary and fiction) have been produced by ARTE Radio, France Culture,, BBC 4, WDR (Köln) and He won Prix Europa 2008 for Best Radio Drama (The Fish Tank) and Prix Scam-Sacd Belgium 2012 (I hate school !).

KASHIMA 2013 - artistic residency in Beppu, run by NPO BEPPU PROJECT.
Funded by Agency for Cultural Affairs in Japan
With the support of : Embassy of France/Institut français du Japon


Word Of Color-voice recording tour

キオ・グリフィス トーク&新作のための録音会「Word Of Color-voice recording tour」

2016/07/20 (Wed) 19:00~


Pioneers of the Bangladesh Contemporary Art World: Britto Arts Trust

バングラデシュ・アートの先駆者たち:Britto Arts Trust

18:30open/19:00 start
ticket...1000yen(with 1drink)


Tetsushi Marukawa talk: the crisis of east asia and the asianism


day:16. 06. 2013
charge:1000yen(one drink+Food Jockey style)


Digging the local area--Osaka-Fukuoka

「地域を掘る 福岡⇔大阪 ―歩く、喰らう、撮る―」

The first part 15:00-
dinner 18:00-
The second part 20:00-
¥1500(include 1drink)/Student ¥1000(include 1drink)


Ecology of Image/ Feeling Dance Even when you can't see the movement, the dance still exists

Ecology of Image/ Feeling Dance Even when you can't see the movement, the dance still exists

18:00 start
art space tetra 2F
¥1,000 with 1 drink


rethinking the body as a food-jockey

東琢磨 いま、フードジョッキーとして身体を再考し直す

18:00 SWAT
20:00 start


"Find Your Economy" Talk Event : Kenichiro Egami × Motonao Mori


14:00 start

Kenichiro Egami
Motonao Mori


Identity According to Deleuze and My History


19:00 start
¥1,000 with 1 drink