"0 yen shop @ art space tetra,Fukuoka"

2020/2/17(mon) ~ 2/24(mon)
Mon.-Fri. 17:00 〜
Sat,Sun and Holiday 12:00 〜
※We will be closed on 2/21(fri).

Hikaru Yamashita(Tochudeyameru: http://tochuyame.thebase.in/
Twitter : https://twitter.com/ccttaa

「0円ショップ 福岡テトラ」

Nothing goes well.
What the hell is going on, you son of a bitch!

Abe? Sakura? Consumption tax!
I feel like complaining because I've been tortured. That's true.
Yes, but anger doesn't turn into energy and doesn't last.
Huh? Is there a problem in other places?

Parco is not Saison, and the art album is also under TSUTAYA.
I haven't written about it here, but Bookoff is running Aoyama Book Center.
There will be no more broth and movie treasures. The patient was dying pretending that his daily life was continuing.

What to do from here.

If you tweet like that, it will spread all over.
How could you pretend that the world hasn't changed?
I'd like to make a recommendation, but I can't.
It's a zero yen shop. Do you want to survive by helping each other?
Wait a minute. I'm thinking of a secret plan to make money somehow.

There will be a 0 yen shop at Fukuoka Tetra from February 17 to 24th.
Used clothes, used books, daily necessities, usable electrical appliances, baby goods, etc.
From now on, we will recruit with great enthusiasm.

Well, I'm thinking like this.

I live by making and selling remade used clothes under the name of quitting on the way, but I think it would be nice if we could gather used clothes made of materials here. If we gather, we can pay money, and there is a guy named Marcy who is a friend of mine who sells used clothes. He said he could pay for used clothes he could buy. There may be other used books or other daily necessities available.

However, this is the first time for me to do it, so I would like everyone to take the 0 yen items and do the above if there are any left. By gathering everyone's wisdom and knowledge, I think we can minimize the amount of money we spend and run this place. hypothesis that.

I will try this.

The store makes money when customers pay. Ending the practice of buying 100, selling 70, selling the remaining 30, and throwing away the remaining 10 in order to get the scheme off the ground is the best way to end it, and the best way to do it is to get everyone to bring you something you don't need, and I would be happy if someone wanted something you don't need.

It's not just about stuff, you can show off your tech for free, or you can give Google, Twitter, and YouTube the best of all for free in real life. It costs a little money, and if you don't end up in the red, you can do it in a different place next time, so if you have money, don't want to get it for free, don't want to give it away for free, I have a campaign box, LINEpay, and PayPal QR.

It will be held from February 17 to 24th (* Closed on the 21st) at Fukuoka art space tetra. (Text by Hikaru Yamashita)


森元斎『もう革命しかないもんね』刊行記念対談:森元斎 & 山下陽光

森元斎『もう革命しかないもんね』刊行記念対談:森元斎 & 山下陽光

時間:18:30開場/19:00開演 ※当日オンライン配信あり
 前編:対談(オンラインURL: https://youtu.be/lJ01c0pXrLg
来場希望の場合は、事前予約願います。 満員御礼


森元斎『国道3号線 抵抗の民衆史』刊行記念対談:森元斎 & 山下陽光