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"moan ward 01"

Denshi Takujyou Ongakudan, Kazuhiko Sakaguchi, Hideaki Kido, lux diffusion, woofa, ayakomori, copr



A bi-monthly experimental music event entitled 'moan ward' began at tetra in December 2004. The event aims to encourage and support Fukuoka based experimental music. Denshi Takujo Ongakudan, Lux Diffusion, woofa, ayakomori, Kido Hideaki, Sakaguchi Kazuhiko and copr performed at moan ward 1.

[organiser] rhythm, deterra, attic associates
[director] Keiji Tanaka (rhythm), Shayne Bowden (deterra)
[art director] Shunsuke Onaka (attic associatess), Tomoaki Hashimoto (attic associates)
[PA] Greg Sullivan (Escalator Audio)

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"project for actual art 002 - Youtarou Hino"



For the 2nd 'project for actual art', rhythm organized an exhibition for the painter Yotaro Hino.

[curator] Mizuki Endo (rhythm)
[director] Keiji Tanaka (rhythm)
[DM design] Takaaki Yano (rhythm)


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"rhythm commission 5"

Taku Sugimoto, Katsura Yamauchi, Otomo Yoshihide



Taku Sugimoto, Katsura Yamauchi and Otomo Yoshihide came and performed at tetra in november 2004.

Taku Sugimoto
Katsura Yamauchi
Otomo Yoshihide

[organizer] rhythm
[director] Mizuki Endo (rhythm)
[DM design] Keiji Tanaka (rhythm)
[PA] Greg Sullivan (Escalator Audio)

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Jayson Oliveria & Jonathan Olazo



Jayson Olivera and Jonathon Olazo came to tetra direct from the Phillipines for a 3 week residency in november of 2004. They used materials found in Fukuoka for their installations. Works were also exhibited at Gallery Walt.
The project created a bridge between the Manilla and Fukuoka art communities.

[curator] Mizuki Endo (rhythm)
[DM design] Takaaki Yano (rhythm)

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"just the strings"

Mori Hiroaki, Manabe Yuichirou, lux diffusion


"Just the Strings" welcomed two guest guitar players from Nagasaki, and was a night dedicated to just that- six strings. Hiroaki Mori and Yuichiro Manabe both are involved with an intricate finger-picking style a la Isato Nakamura and other acoustic guitar instrumentalists in that genre. Manabe was Mr. Mori’s student at the time, and they had lessons at Mr. Mori’s home at a small Shinto shrine. Mori played several songs from his self-released albums, and his large sound filled the room nicely. Lux diffusion debuted some new songs, and used looping effects to play along with his own backing parts. A closing improvisation was a chance for all three players to get together and share licks and just have fun.

[organiser] Greg Sullivan (Escalator Audio)

Jyunko Yamakawa "Utsukushii Hito"



Local artist Junko Yamakawa produced an impressive exhibtion at tetra in october of 2004. Her series of nude portraits entitled 'Beautiful Person' displayed a unique talent for interpretating the human form to canvas.


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"Electrical Input / Human Output"

Kuchi-hatt-choh, Takaoka Daisuke, Morimoto Ari, soft clip



Akira Sanematsu
Daisuke Takaoka
Ari Morimoto

[organiser] Akira Sanematsu
[support] art space tetra

Akira Sanematsu workshop "Mouhitotsu no Jikan"


Akira Sanematsu

[plan] Akira Sanematsu
[support] art space tetra

Akira Sanematsu "Po-poMO"



This was Sanematsu Akira's first exhibition in Fukuoka after returning from a lengthy stay in Tokyo. Sanematsu is visual artist and vocalist. For this exhibition he used video projections and rotating plexi glass clouds that covered the first floor walls.

Akira Sanematsu

[DM design] attic associates

"another shore"

miroque, moom-ru, Kashiwa Daisuke, Soft Clip



miroque is a solo sound artist from Tokyo. This event was produced with the intention of introducing her music to a Fukuoka audience. moom-ru is also a solo sound artist and vocalist. moom-ru has been working hard in the Kyushu music scene for some time. She relocated to Tokyo shortly after this concert in order to further her music career.


[organiser] 360'records, deterra

"Futoshita Jyoukei eno Ginen"


Human Academy

[plan] Human Academy

P-Factory "anata mo e ga daisuki desu"



This exhibition was produced by "P-Factory" from the U.S.
P-Factory is David Dilworth, Aya Kawaguchi, Jacob Lunderby, Andy Messerschmidt and Ryuta Nagashima. It consists of contemporary painters from California, Minnesota and Hawaii.
" We as a group are trying to investigate the new possibility and direction of a human consciousness/awareness through a production of paintings, which rage from layering, pattern works, labor insensitivity, mythology, urban lifestyle, etc... We see painting as a way to reconnect with our cultural and philosophical past, thus allowing us to build a truly meaningful future".

Kawaguchi Aya

[plan] P-Factory
[support] art space tetra
[DM design] attic associates

Atsushi Suzuki "art space Suzuki Atsushi (A.S.S.A.) "



For this exhibition Suzuki continued his 'embodiment' of tetra by turning the the stairs and 2nd floor space into a cardboard version of his digestive system. He then hung a massive 'white turd' from the 2nd floor window out into the street.

Atsushi Suzuki

[director] Shayne Bowden (deterra)
[DM design] attic associates

"one against 1"

Atsushi Suzuki / Kappa



one against series
This is a series of events planned to be held at art space tetra starting from June 12th 2004. The basic concept is for an artist and musician to appear at the same time in the same space on the 1st floor of artspace tetra. Within a specified time, a live music performance and the creation of an artwork will occur live before a paying audience. The finished artwork will then be exhibited at tetra for a period thereafter. One of the aims of the series is to make public the actual making/execution of an artwork and or music performance. Artists and musicians will set up/souncheck before the audience. The artists/musicians may collaborate or they may totally ignore each other. All space is open and no space is to be relegated prior. The audience will see the physical completion of an artwork.

Atsushi Suzuki

[director] Shayne Bowden (deterra)
[DM design] attic associates

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Kazumasa Hashimoto


Kazumasa Hashimoto(from Tokyo) came to tetra and promoted his latest FLYREC release.

Kazumasa Hashimoto

[organiser] FLYREC
[support] rhythm
[PA] Greg Sullivan (Escalator Audio)

Yoshimitsu Ichiraku

+ moom-ru, soft clip


This was the first event organized by 'deterra'. soft clip played a set using traditional and homemade instruments with electronics. moom-ru used a lap top and vocals while Ichiraku played a solo cymbal piece.

Ichiraku Yoshimitsu
Drums, Percussion, Electronics.Ichiraku Yoshimitsu is a member of I.S.O. , OmoideHatoba, Phantasmagoria , Nishinihon and Acid Mothers Temple & the Melting Paraiso U.F.O. He has also collaborated with Lorean alto sax player Kang Tae Hwan.

Using synthesizer and laptop, solo artist moom-ru spins the everyday strange and wonderful into musical narrative.

soft clip
Soft Clip formed in late 2003 after the free rehearsals , resulting from the pair meeting at Bunker Music events in the Daimyo area of Fukuoka. Its members left both Australia and The US, to futher embrace the musics and culture of Japan and Asia. The music aims to reflect the current situation in Japan today,and strike a balance between the very old anda the very new.

[organiser] deterra

art space tetra opening party


The artspace tetra opening party was held on April 3rd 2004.

"project for actual art 001 - Takasumi Abe"



This exhibition was the first in an ongoing series produced by rhythm entitled "project for actual art". Takasumi Abe is a Fukuoka based conceptual artist and also a founding member of artspace tetra. For this exhibition Abe suspended plastic coat hangers at various lengths from the 1st floor tetra ceiling. The hangers were illuminated by small internal lights that were controlled by an inaudible MD soundtrack. The installation utilized the entire 1st floor space.

[curator] Mizuki Endo (rhythm)
[director] Keiji Tanaka (rhythm)
[DM design] Takaaki Yano (rhythm)


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shuttle358, Fourcolor, Rokugenkin, skgc, Horio Kanta



This music event was produced by dumbo.
shuttle358 (Dan Abrams from mille plateaux/12k), Fourcolor (Keiichi Sugimoto from minamo/fonica, cubic music), rokugenkin(from Kitakyushu), skgc and Horio Kanta (dumbo) performed live.

Kanta Horio

[organiser] Kanta Horio

Otomo Yoshihide - lecture & live

+ dumbo, denshi-takujyo-ongakudan, rokugenkin


otomo1.jpg otomo2.jpg otomo3.jpg

This lecture and live performance was produced by rhythm, an organization that has organized various music events and exhibitions around Fukuoka. Tokyo based musician Otomo Yoshihide came to tetra and played solo sine wave and guitar performances. During his lecture he shared his thoughts and experiences about sound and music.

Otomo Yoshihide

[organiser] rhythm
[DM design] attic associates

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