space rental - Pick Up -

"trop" #2


20:00 start

organised by 3150



"ACCORDING TO WHAT 02 - Satoshi Utsunomiya"

2008.10.07 (tue) - 10.19 (Sun)
13:00 - 20:00

organised by A2W Executive Committee

That we see something according to what. Takahiko Okada


"three blokes" (5)

Hideaki Kido, Hideomi Matznaga, Chikara Yoshida

19:30 open
20:00 start
¥1,000(1 drink inc.)


"tairaka vol.1 - Akiko Setoguchi"

2008.9.23(tue) - 10.5(sun)
(week day) 16:00-21:00
(sat,sun,holiday) 13:00-21:00
*closed on Monday
admission free

closing party on 10.4(sat), 19:00-

directed by Saeko Oyama (3150)


“2 young female artists from Hokkaido come to tetra.”

Atsuko Kushibiki & Sachiko Sawaguchi

2008.09.11 - 21

09.11-14 : researching (they don't always stay on tetra)
09.15-18 : working in public 13:00-20:00
09.19-21 : exhibiting 13:00-20:00

exchange party on 09.21.(sun).18:00


Atsuko Kushibiki
born 1985 in Sapporo.

Sachiko Sawaguchi
born 1983 in Kitami.

"three blokes" (4)

Hideaki Kido, Hideomi Matznaga, Chikara Yoshida

19:30 open
20:00 start
¥1,000(1 drink inc.)


"DAIICHIBA - site 1"


19:00 open / 19:30 start
¥1,500(1drink inc.)

organised by 3150



Gavin Weber

2008.07.11 - 07.27 *closed on Monday
13:00 - 20:00

exchange party will be held on 07.12 19:00-

supported by Fukuoka City Foundation for Arts and Cultural Promotion


Gavin Weber will also participate in duo exhibition "Circulate" with Takasumi Abe at Kyushu Sangyo University art gallery (2008.07.01 - 07.13 / artist's talk: 07.05 15:00-).

C. Gavin M. Weber

"Gavin Weber is working in public"

2008.07.06 - 07.10


C. Gavin M. Weber

"Umeda-kun & Suzuki-san"

Tetsuya Umeda, Atsushi Suzuki

¥1,000 + 1 drink order


"three blokes" (3)

Hideaki Kido, Hideomi Maznaga, Chikara Yoshida

2008.06.05 (Thu)
19:30 open
20:00 start
¥1,000(inc. 1 drink)


"ACCORDING TO WHAT 01 - Yoshihiro Toshima"

2008.05.06 (tue) - 05.18 (Sun) *closed on Monday
13:00 - 20:00

organised by A2W Executive Committee


Yoshihiro Toshima

"three blokes" (2)

Hideaki Kido, Hideomi Matsunaga, Chikara Yoshida

19:30 open
20:00 start


"Kazuhisa Uchihashi par lui-meme" (5)

19:30 open
20:00 start

supported by Fukuoka City Foundation for Arts and Cultural Promotion


Kazuhisa Uchihashi

LOUNGE series vol. 4 "Hirotaka Tohyama"

2008.02.26 - 03.16
(tue-fri) 17:00 - 21:00
(sat,sun) 13:00 - 20:00
*on 03.07 13:00 - 18:00
*on 03.09 15:00 - 20:00


"three blokes"

Hideaki Kido, Hideomi Ueda, Chikara Yoshida

19:30 open
20:00 start
¥1,000(1drink inc.)


LOUNGE sereis vol. 3 "Keita Egami"

2007.11.27 - 12.05
(maybe)13:00 - (maybe)18:00

completion party…6 Dec 18:00-


A Reading Meeting about "Usagi"

navigated by Illcommonz

19:00 -
charge free


"trop" #1

Tetsuya Umeda, Saya(a.k.a. Tenniscoats), Takashi Ueno(a.k.a. Tenniscoats) + Natsuko Kozue

19:30 open
20:00 start


Tetsuya Umeda
Saya & Takashi Ueno
Natsuko Kozue

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Work Camp Project "Metallic Syndrome"

2007.08.28 - 09.06
(mon-fri) 18:00 - 22:00
(sat-sun) 13:00 - 20:00


more "Work Camp Project "Metallic Syndrome"" »

Illcommonz’ Reboot Camp

18:00 - all night


Masanori Woda ( Illcommonz )

"Bed Room Music For the Hot & Humid Night”

Metal ( a.k.a. Kyushuu Psychic Medium Association Psychic Sensitizers)
Takateru Kimura ( a.k.a. the monkies)
Hanae Iwanaga ( a.k.a. Kusitsu, Gommunication)

images by Hideomi So ( a.k.a. Sun Eight)

19:30 open
20:00 start


"to America / from America"

Mizuki Endo

19:00 start
charge free

Mizuki Endo


LOUNGE series vol. 2 “Shinro Ohtake”

19:00 start

You can Drink!

LOUNGE series vol. 1 “Youtaro Hino”

2007.05.12 - 06.03
17:00 - 21:00


Bid! If you want to show yourself.

Maher Shalal Hash Baz

19:30 open
20:00 start


"Kazuhisa Uchihashi par lui meme" (4)

19:30 open
20:00 start
¥1,500 (include 1drink)

supported by Fukuoka City Foundation for Arts and Cultural Promotion


Kazuhisa Uchihashi


+ yanai kei, river

19:00 open
19:30 start
¥1,000 (include 1drink) *Limited 50 people

organized by art space tetra
supported by Tinstar Creative Pool


Tinstar Creative Pool

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"Kazuhisa Uchihashi par lui-meme" (3)

19:30 open
20:00 start
¥1,500 (include 1drink)

organized by art space tetra
supported by Fukuoka City Foundation for Arts and Cultural Promotion


Kazuhisa Uchihashi

Tetsuya Umeda "Shizukanu"

2006.12.17 - 2007.01.14

curated by mizuki endo
organized by art space tetra


Tetsuya Umeda

Dale Berning & Bunsho Nishikawa

19:00 open / 19:30 start
¥1,500 (include 1drink)


Bunsho Nishikawa

Ross Paul Taylor

2006.11.28 - 12.10 *closed on Mondays

organised by art space tetra
supported by Arts Council England


The exhibition will showcase works by landscape artist Ross Paul Taylor, Taylor uses both imagined landscapes as well as the materiality of landscape to address our problems of understanding space and ratio within nature.

Taylor’s works often develop using a process of repetition to underline the complexity of understanding the space around him. By repeating the same creative action, Taylor makes only small and often near insignificant steps, until something far grander eventually develops. It is this
persistence with time and process, which Taylor wants the viewer to indulge in, so that the audience is exposed to a struggle significant only to the artist as human being, trying to understand his surroundings.

"Reknub #3 (feat. Kazuhisa Uchihashi)"

¥1,000 (include 1drink)


Kazuhisa Uchihashi

Brian Catling "HYMN"

17:00 start
¥1,500 (include 1drink)

co-ordinated by rhythm, / 092-262-6560(endo)


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A talk about "Force of Nature" by Takasumi Abe

19: 00 -


"Force of Nature"

A talk by Gereon Lepper

2006.10.05 (thu)


Gereon Lepper

Atsushi Suzuki "So What? 001-200 & other 5 works"

2006.09.28 (thu) - 10.15 (sun) *closed on Mondays

opening party : 09.18 19:00- (charge ¥1,000)


more "Atsushi Suzuki "So What? 001-200 & other 5 works" " »

"Kazuhisa Uchihashi par lui-meme"

2006.09.23 (sat)
20:00 open / 20:30 start
¥1,000 (+1drink order)

supported by Fukuoka City Foundation for Arts and Cultural Promotion


Kazuhisa Uchihashi

Kai Lam "Hybrid Fighter"

13:00〜20:00 (closed on Monday)

performance: 2006.08.09 19:00〜
opening party: 2006.08.11 18:00〜

curated by Muzuki Endo
organised by rhythm

supported by Fukuoka City Foundation for Arts and Cultural Promotion


"moan ward 07"

Chihei Hatakeyama, Shayou, Yasuaki Takeno, heirakuG, Voice From the Fictionary: David Moscovich

18:00 open
18:30 start
¥1,000 (+1 drink order)


Chihei Hatakeyama

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Luc Ferrari Film Festival

2006.04.29(sat), 30(sun)

organised by rhythm
supported by studio malaparte


"rhythm commission 6"

Giuseppe Ielasi & Thomas Ankersmit Japan Tour in Fukuoka


organised by rhythm
directed by Mizuki Endo
DM designed by Takaaki Yano


Fringes Recordings

"one against 4" / Babu solo exhibition



"one against 4"

BABU / Soul Kyodai


organised by deterra
directed by Shayne Bowden (deterra)
DM designed by attic associates


Babu is a grafitti artist from Kokura who has been concentrating on a breakaway approach to his chosen genre. Independent, carefree but dedicated, Babu will brave the elements for One Against 4.

Soulkyoudai is a free rock/improvised music band from Kita Kyushu. Their shows are usually energetic and unpredictable. Guru Guru meets Frank Zappa maybe?音源試聴可)

more ""one against 4"" »

"Reknub #2 (feat. Kazuhiko Sakaguchi)"



"Unseen Scenes"

Elenia Depedro (ita), Carolina Silva (spa), Aki Nagasaka (jpn)



CCA Kitakyushu

more ""Unseen Scenes"" »

"moan ward 06"

Nakamura Toshimaru, Shayne Bowden, Sakaguchi Kazuhiko, Denshi Takujyou Ongakudan, kmmo



Toshimaru Nakamura

[organiser] rhythm, deterra, attic associates
[director] Keiji Tanaka (rhythm), Shayne Bowden (deterra)
[art director] Shunsuke Onaka (attic associates), Tomoaki Hashimoto (attic associates)
[PA] Greg Sullivan (Escalator Audio)

more ""moan ward 06"" »

"stink eye #12"

film discussion event.

llusoryReason "a melodic gravitation between Light and Darkness"



[curator] Greg Sullivan

more "llusoryReason "a melodic gravitation between Light and Darkness"" »

"stink eye #10"

film discussion event.

"project for actual art 004 - Kikuko Nomi"



[curator] Mizuki Endo (rhythm)
[director] Keiji Tanaka (rhythm)
[DM design] Takaaki Yano (rhythm)


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Takasumi Abe "Circulate"



The flickering vague lights attached to hangers are scattered in space. These lights don't insist upon notions of existence ; rather they represent the rhythm of movement in which each light was contained(project for actual art 001). By referring to the microscopic world, we are reminded of multiple layers which are huge, limitless and ignored. The layers are between sight and viewed objects(one against 2).

Takasumi Abe brings attention to invisible phenomenon such as air, temperature, breathing and pulsation. Although these usually exist outside of exchanges between words and information, eyes and ears, there is also another movement that surrounds and influences our responses to the world we inhabit. Maybe this is called 'nature or 'environment'. Abe brings attention and awareness to that which can "circulate". Abe attempts to help the viewer sense the intensity of movement via his intervening in the movement itself. However, it doesn't mean that he is trying to translate such phenomenon. Abe behaves as if he is a shaman. But such shamanism doesn't directly come from an ancestry of primitive religions. The shaman in a religious sense 'is forced to do' due to a fear of that which is invisible, but he 'does' so from an incomparable fascination. Often he has sensed a type of wonder that is beyond words that divide or fix meaning.

However, the word "circulate" originates from 'circle', so this means that that mass movement has no exit. As a becoming mediator of this, there is a danger that the shaman will come to resemble the circulation itself. As not only a mediator, but also as an artist, he must break through the vicious circle of the establishment and the routine. Perhaps this solo exhibition at
art space tetra will become a touchstone for Takasumi Abe.

[plan] art space tetra
[DM design] attic associates

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"moan ward 05"

hercell, Morooka Mitsuo + Noda Yasuhiro(sAm0), Denshi Takujyou Ongakudan,
river, Sakaguchi Kazuhiko, Monster Movie



Moan Ward 5 saw first time tetra performances by Morooka Mitsuo + Noda Yasuhiro(sAm0), river and Monster Movie.
Morooka Mitsuo + Noda Yasuhiro(sAm0) used TV signals to generate a 15 minute set of slight static noise sounds. Monster Movie is a 3 piece Krautrock influenced free jazz unit. Veteran Fukuoka musicians Koki Hanada(guitar), Avan (bass) and Tsuneo Takei (drums) played a Can-esque improvised set for about 20 minutes.
Hishikawa San (river) played an acoustic guitar set that was a fitting contrast to the other types of music performed. His style was gentle but dark and captivating.


Moan Ward 5 was dedicated to the memory of Koji Tano who recently passed away. Tano San guided Jazzkammer and John Sharp to artspace tetra for their 2005 Japan tour. We were planning for Tano San to come to tetra to play for "moan ward 5" but sadly it was not to be. Koji Tano's work and dedication to Japanese and international avant-garde music will continue to be an inspiration for us.
Thank you Koji Tano.

[organiser] rhythm, deterra, attic associates
[director] Keiji Tanaka (rhythm), Shayne Bowden (deterra)
[art director] Shunsuke Onaka (attic associates) Tomoaki Hashimoto (attic associates)
[PA] Greg Sullivan (Escalator Audio)

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"stink eye #9"


film discussion event.

"one against 3" / Youtarou Hino solo exhibition



Hino Yotarou's OA3 paintings were displayed for a week after the 'One Against' event. Hino continued work on the paintings until the last day of his solo exhibition.

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"one against 3"

Youtarou Hino / Shayne Bowden



After exhibiting at tetra in 2004, painter Hino Youtarou expressed interest in participating in the 'one against' series. He did so on June 25th 2005 painting live before a crowd of about 40 people. For about an hour and a half Hino painted about 10 panels on a 1st floor wall while tetra member Shayne Bowden produced sound from cassette field recordings.
Hino continued work on the paintings throughout the next day.
This event received both praise and criticism from those in attendance. While some were impressed by Hino's work and the spectacle of the creation of an artwork, others expressed dissapointment that Hino had compromised quality and integrity for the sake of a show/performance.

[director] Shayne Bowden (deterra)
[DM design] attic associates


Leaky Fields, shine-kosei, Hashimoto Eri, Fujii Eri, Yasuda Kazu



[organiser] Greg Sullivan (Escalator Audio)

"moan ward 04"

DJ Speedfarmer, Hodeaki Kido, Cookie & Tea, Erin Gee, lux diffusion



moan ward 4 featured DJ Speedfarmer (Turntable, Effects, laptop PC), Hideaki Kido (Sax),Cookie & Tea, Erin Gee (Voice / from Austria) and lux diffusion(Guitar, Electronics).Voice artist Erin Gee performed eerily enthralling solo compositions using 2 microphones with her own clicks, hisses, whistles and shrieks.
Veteran Fukuoka free musicians Tomioka San (Roto Toms) and Koki Hanada (electric guitar) played an improvised piece that displayed much musical ability and skill. They were joined by Hideaki Kido who added additional texture and violence. Only just out of hospital after a recent illness, Kido went on a violent rampage throwing instruments and crutches at the other musicians and audience members alike. The music played on right throughout.

Erin Gee

[organiser] rhythm, deterra, attic associates
[director] Keiji Tanaka (rhythm), Shayne Bowden (deterra)
[art director] Shunsuke Onaka (attic associates), Tomoaki Hashimoto (attic associates)
[PA] Greg Sullivan (Escalator Audio)

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"stink eye #8"


film discussion event.

"project for actual art 003 - Hirotaka Tohyama "

2005.05.14(sat) - 05.29(sun)


rhythm's "Project For Actual Art" presented the work of young Fukuoka painter Hirotaka Tohyama. The exhibition ran for 2 weeks. Tohyama's paintings were exhibited on the 1st and 2nd floors of artspace tetra where many people could observe and discuss his work.

[curator] Mizuki Endo (rhythm)
[director] Keiji Tanaka (rhythm)
[DM design] Takaaki Yano (rhythm)


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"Reknub #1 - Radu Malfattti & Taku Sugimoto & around them"



Local "voice" Akihiro Mishima hosted a free discussion about the music of Radu Malfatti and Taku Sugimoto on the 2nd floor of tetra. Mishima played selected recordings that were either by or related to those musicians. ReKnub #1 was held in anticipation of Sugimoto and Malfatti's performance at tetra on June 4th 2005.

"moan ward 03"

Jazzkammer, Mr.natural, ayakomori+shayne bowden, Sakaguchi Kazuhiko, Denshi TakujyouOngakudan



moan ward 3 featured the events' first special guests, Jazzkammer from Norway and John Sharp a.k.a. Mr.Natural from the U.S.A.
Jazzkammer are the Norwegian experimental/noise unit of John Hegre and Lasse Marhaug.
John Sharp has been creating electronic music since 1990, experimenting with handmade instrument designs and also using living plants as part of his live performance.
Also featured at MW3 were ayakomori+shayne bowden, Sakaguchi Kazuhiko, Denshi Takujo Ongakudan and DJ Abe.


[organiser] rhythm, deterra, attic associates
[director] Keiji Tanaka (rhythm), Shayne Bowden (deterra)
[art director] Shunsuke Onaka (attic associates), Tomoaki Hashimoto (attic associates)
[PA] Greg Sullivan (Escalator Audio)

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"moan ward 02"

ayakomori+woofa, Kido Hideaki, Sakaguchi Kazuhiko, lux diffusion+eri hashimoto, tomi, Denshi Takujo Ongakudan



ayakomori+woofa, Kido Hideaki, Sakaguchi Kazuhiko, lux diffusion+eri hashimoto, tomi and Denshi Takujo Ongakudan played live at moan ward 2. Local veteran free musicians Kido Hideaki (sax) and tomi (electric violin) played an improvised set/duel that was an inspiring highlight. DJ Abe spun dub reggae between performances with his elbow.

[organiser] rhythm, deterra, attic associates
[director] Keiji Tanaka (rhythm), Shayne Bowden (deterra)
[art director] Shunsuke Onaka (attic associates), Tomoaki Hashimoto (attic associates)
[PA] Greg Sullivan (Escalator Audio)

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"one against 2" / Takasumi Abe solo exhibition

2005.01.22(Sat) - 01.30(sun)


Abe's completed installation ran as a week long exhibtion at tetra.

"one against 2"

Takasumi Abe / Kushitsu



For 'one against 2' Fukuoka based conceptual artist Abe Takasumi created an installation piece on the first floor of tetra. Using video projections, toilet paper and paint bombs, Abe displayed an ability to skillfully utilize the first floor space for the benefit of his work.
Kushitsu are a 3 piece improvisational unit from Fukuoka. Using a multitude of guitars, effects and readymade objects Kushitsu performed for close to an hour next to Abe San.

[director] Shayne Bowden (deterra)
[DM design] attic associates

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"moan ward 01"

Denshi Takujyou Ongakudan, Kazuhiko Sakaguchi, Hideaki Kido, lux diffusion, woofa, ayakomori, copr



A bi-monthly experimental music event entitled 'moan ward' began at tetra in December 2004. The event aims to encourage and support Fukuoka based experimental music. Denshi Takujo Ongakudan, Lux Diffusion, woofa, ayakomori, Kido Hideaki, Sakaguchi Kazuhiko and copr performed at moan ward 1.

[organiser] rhythm, deterra, attic associates
[director] Keiji Tanaka (rhythm), Shayne Bowden (deterra)
[art director] Shunsuke Onaka (attic associatess), Tomoaki Hashimoto (attic associates)
[PA] Greg Sullivan (Escalator Audio)

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"project for actual art 002 - Youtarou Hino"



For the 2nd 'project for actual art', rhythm organized an exhibition for the painter Yotaro Hino.

[curator] Mizuki Endo (rhythm)
[director] Keiji Tanaka (rhythm)
[DM design] Takaaki Yano (rhythm)


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"rhythm commission 5"

Taku Sugimoto, Katsura Yamauchi, Otomo Yoshihide



Taku Sugimoto, Katsura Yamauchi and Otomo Yoshihide came and performed at tetra in november 2004.

Taku Sugimoto
Katsura Yamauchi
Otomo Yoshihide

[organizer] rhythm
[director] Mizuki Endo (rhythm)
[DM design] Keiji Tanaka (rhythm)
[PA] Greg Sullivan (Escalator Audio)

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Jayson Oliveria & Jonathan Olazo



Jayson Olivera and Jonathon Olazo came to tetra direct from the Phillipines for a 3 week residency in november of 2004. They used materials found in Fukuoka for their installations. Works were also exhibited at Gallery Walt.
The project created a bridge between the Manilla and Fukuoka art communities.

[curator] Mizuki Endo (rhythm)
[DM design] Takaaki Yano (rhythm)

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"just the strings"

Mori Hiroaki, Manabe Yuichirou, lux diffusion


"Just the Strings" welcomed two guest guitar players from Nagasaki, and was a night dedicated to just that- six strings. Hiroaki Mori and Yuichiro Manabe both are involved with an intricate finger-picking style a la Isato Nakamura and other acoustic guitar instrumentalists in that genre. Manabe was Mr. Mori’s student at the time, and they had lessons at Mr. Mori’s home at a small Shinto shrine. Mori played several songs from his self-released albums, and his large sound filled the room nicely. Lux diffusion debuted some new songs, and used looping effects to play along with his own backing parts. A closing improvisation was a chance for all three players to get together and share licks and just have fun.

[organiser] Greg Sullivan (Escalator Audio)

Atsushi Suzuki "art space Suzuki Atsushi (A.S.S.A.) "



For this exhibition Suzuki continued his 'embodiment' of tetra by turning the the stairs and 2nd floor space into a cardboard version of his digestive system. He then hung a massive 'white turd' from the 2nd floor window out into the street.

Atsushi Suzuki

[director] Shayne Bowden (deterra)
[DM design] attic associates

"one against 1"

Atsushi Suzuki / Kappa



one against series
This is a series of events planned to be held at art space tetra starting from June 12th 2004. The basic concept is for an artist and musician to appear at the same time in the same space on the 1st floor of artspace tetra. Within a specified time, a live music performance and the creation of an artwork will occur live before a paying audience. The finished artwork will then be exhibited at tetra for a period thereafter. One of the aims of the series is to make public the actual making/execution of an artwork and or music performance. Artists and musicians will set up/souncheck before the audience. The artists/musicians may collaborate or they may totally ignore each other. All space is open and no space is to be relegated prior. The audience will see the physical completion of an artwork.

Atsushi Suzuki

[director] Shayne Bowden (deterra)
[DM design] attic associates

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Yoshimitsu Ichiraku

+ moom-ru, soft clip


This was the first event organized by 'deterra'. soft clip played a set using traditional and homemade instruments with electronics. moom-ru used a lap top and vocals while Ichiraku played a solo cymbal piece.

Ichiraku Yoshimitsu
Drums, Percussion, Electronics.Ichiraku Yoshimitsu is a member of I.S.O. , OmoideHatoba, Phantasmagoria , Nishinihon and Acid Mothers Temple & the Melting Paraiso U.F.O. He has also collaborated with Lorean alto sax player Kang Tae Hwan.

Using synthesizer and laptop, solo artist moom-ru spins the everyday strange and wonderful into musical narrative.

soft clip
Soft Clip formed in late 2003 after the free rehearsals , resulting from the pair meeting at Bunker Music events in the Daimyo area of Fukuoka. Its members left both Australia and The US, to futher embrace the musics and culture of Japan and Asia. The music aims to reflect the current situation in Japan today,and strike a balance between the very old anda the very new.

[organiser] deterra

art space tetra opening party


The artspace tetra opening party was held on April 3rd 2004.

"project for actual art 001 - Takasumi Abe"



This exhibition was the first in an ongoing series produced by rhythm entitled "project for actual art". Takasumi Abe is a Fukuoka based conceptual artist and also a founding member of artspace tetra. For this exhibition Abe suspended plastic coat hangers at various lengths from the 1st floor tetra ceiling. The hangers were illuminated by small internal lights that were controlled by an inaudible MD soundtrack. The installation utilized the entire 1st floor space.

[curator] Mizuki Endo (rhythm)
[director] Keiji Tanaka (rhythm)
[DM design] Takaaki Yano (rhythm)


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Otomo Yoshihide - lecture & live

+ dumbo, denshi-takujyo-ongakudan, rokugenkin


otomo1.jpg otomo2.jpg otomo3.jpg

This lecture and live performance was produced by rhythm, an organization that has organized various music events and exhibitions around Fukuoka. Tokyo based musician Otomo Yoshihide came to tetra and played solo sine wave and guitar performances. During his lecture he shared his thoughts and experiences about sound and music.

Otomo Yoshihide

[organiser] rhythm
[DM design] attic associates

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