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Erika Matsunami "o.T"

performance-like installation & artist's talk

19:30 open
20:00 start
admission free

PhotoOIOEM.jpgPhoto © BeateBrüggmann / OIO

"o.T" is performance-like Installation by Erika Matsunami who was born in Hiroshima and is now based in Berlin. On the way of trip making new work, she visits tetra to perform and talk about her previous works, her experiences.

Erika Matsunami

"Gavin Weber is working in public"

2008.07.06 - 07.10


C. Gavin M. Weber

"Umeda-kun & Suzuki-san"

Tetsuya Umeda, Atsushi Suzuki

¥1,000 + 1 drink order


LOUNGE sereis vol. 3 "Keita Egami"

2007.11.27 - 12.05
(maybe)13:00 - (maybe)18:00

completion party…6 Dec 18:00-


LOUNGE series vol. 2 “Shinro Ohtake”

19:00 start

You can Drink!

Brian Catling "HYMN"

17:00 start
¥1,500 (include 1drink)

co-ordinated by rhythm, / 092-262-6560(endo)


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"one against 4"

BABU / Soul Kyodai


organised by deterra
directed by Shayne Bowden (deterra)
DM designed by attic associates


Babu is a grafitti artist from Kokura who has been concentrating on a breakaway approach to his chosen genre. Independent, carefree but dedicated, Babu will brave the elements for One Against 4.

Soulkyoudai is a free rock/improvised music band from Kita Kyushu. Their shows are usually energetic and unpredictable. Guru Guru meets Frank Zappa maybe?音源試聴可)

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"Korogemawaru Akumu 2"



[organiser] tomi

"one against 3"

Youtarou Hino / Shayne Bowden



After exhibiting at tetra in 2004, painter Hino Youtarou expressed interest in participating in the 'one against' series. He did so on June 25th 2005 painting live before a crowd of about 40 people. For about an hour and a half Hino painted about 10 panels on a 1st floor wall while tetra member Shayne Bowden produced sound from cassette field recordings.
Hino continued work on the paintings throughout the next day.
This event received both praise and criticism from those in attendance. While some were impressed by Hino's work and the spectacle of the creation of an artwork, others expressed dissapointment that Hino had compromised quality and integrity for the sake of a show/performance.

[director] Shayne Bowden (deterra)
[DM design] attic associates

"one against 2"

Takasumi Abe / Kushitsu



For 'one against 2' Fukuoka based conceptual artist Abe Takasumi created an installation piece on the first floor of tetra. Using video projections, toilet paper and paint bombs, Abe displayed an ability to skillfully utilize the first floor space for the benefit of his work.
Kushitsu are a 3 piece improvisational unit from Fukuoka. Using a multitude of guitars, effects and readymade objects Kushitsu performed for close to an hour next to Abe San.

[director] Shayne Bowden (deterra)
[DM design] attic associates

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"one against 1"

Atsushi Suzuki / Kappa



one against series
This is a series of events planned to be held at art space tetra starting from June 12th 2004. The basic concept is for an artist and musician to appear at the same time in the same space on the 1st floor of artspace tetra. Within a specified time, a live music performance and the creation of an artwork will occur live before a paying audience. The finished artwork will then be exhibited at tetra for a period thereafter. One of the aims of the series is to make public the actual making/execution of an artwork and or music performance. Artists and musicians will set up/souncheck before the audience. The artists/musicians may collaborate or they may totally ignore each other. All space is open and no space is to be relegated prior. The audience will see the physical completion of an artwork.

Atsushi Suzuki

[director] Shayne Bowden (deterra)
[DM design] attic associates

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